Clearing Up 7 Common Queries about Teeth Aligners

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The popularity of clear aligners is growing amongst people of all ages and for a good reason. The journey from only using metal braces for straightening teeth to now accepting clear aligners for the same reason may have been a long one, but it surely is worthwhile. They’ve now become a fast and convenient alternative to metal braces. However, anyone new to this concept of clear aligners will have a plethora of questions before they start with the treatment. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 7 questions that will answer most of the common queries. Read to know more!

What is the role of clear aligners?

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are built to straighten teeth over time. These teeth aligners put a constant force on the teeth, which need to be straightened, and slowly move them to the right positions. Each aligner tray is tailored according to the teeth and helps move specific teeth at their respective times. Gradually, the slight changes in the teeth’s shape will bring changes in smile and bite. 

What is the duration for which one has to wear aligners?

To see effective results, clear teeth aligners must be worn for at least twenty-two hours a day. As teeth require constant pressure or force to shift their positions, there are no exceptions to this rule. One is allowed to remove their clear aligners only for eating and brushing. Furthermore,  in most cases, each aligner set has to be replaced by a new set every week. 

What is the total duration of the clear aligner treatment?

The duration of this treatment depends on the complexity of the case. While a typical teeth aligner treatment in Gurgaon with small movements may take around four months, those with complex movements will take around 24 months. The average time for a clear aligner treatment usually ranges around 12-15 months. 

Who is the right candidate for clear aligners?

Even though clear aligners are a great solution for many individuals; not every person can be a good candidate. Clear teeth aligners work for issues such as gapped teeth, underbites, crowding, overbites, and crossbites. If someone has severe orthodontic issues, they will have to consult a dentist for these dental problems apart from clear aligners. 

Are in-person appointments necessary?

In-person appointments with an orthodontist are required for in-office clear teeth aligner treatment in Gurgaon to monitor the progress. Whereas at-home clear aligner treatment only provides virtual check-in where communication with the dentist can be done via calls or chat. These types of appointments are helpful for patients with busy schedules or for those who live at a great distance from the dental clinic. However, sharing the progress throughout the treatment is still essential to ensure that all things go as planned. 

How to clean the aligners?

One must have a clean mouth to keep their aligners clean. Brushing and flossing before wearing the aligners doesn’t allow the food to build upon them. Beverages like tea, coffee and soda can also lead to staining of the aligners, leading to a yellow smile. A cleaning solution is also provided to wash the aligners if they get dirty. 

What happens post the aligner treatment?

Once the clear aligner treatment is completed, patients are required to wear retainers to prevent their teeth from moving and reverting back to their original positions. Mostly, One has to continue wearing these clear retainers for 22 hours a day for six months and then wear them through nights for another six months.

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