Why are Teeth Aligners Climbing the Charts in Cosmetic Dentistry?

teeth aligner treatment in gurgaon

Teeth Aligners have become incredibly popular as a discrete and extremely effective substitute for traditional braces in recent years. This cutting-edge orthodontic procedure has completely changed the way people straighten their teeth. Its many benefits have made it the preferred choice for anyone seeking a more easy and comfortable solution to get a gorgeous smile. So, if you’re looking for a teeth aligner treatment in Gurgaon or any other area, here are a few things you should know about teeth aligners. 

Eat Whatever You Want

When wearing traditional braces, you have to be mindful of what you eat and steer clear of anything chewy or hard. This is because certain foods have the potential to break wires or snag on the brackets holding them up. On the other hand, with teeth-clearing aligners, you can consume all your favourite foods and snacks by simply taking off your aligners.

Easy to Care

It takes a lot of skill and effort to use a toothbrush to floss around wires and brackets, and it probably appears almost impossible to floss in between your teeth when those wires are in the way. However, with clear aligners, it’s much simpler to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout your treatment since you can take them off and brush and floss normally.

Removable and Convenient

Invisalign aligners are detachable from the teeth, in contrast to traditional braces. For patients, this function offers unmatched convenience. Before eating, you can effortlessly take out your aligners, giving you complete freedom to indulge in all of your favourite meals. Furthermore, you have the option to take out the aligners for formal events or meetings so that you can keep your natural smile whenever you’d like. 

They Feel Cosy

Every teeth-straightening technique, including lingual and metal braces, has some discomfort. But you won’t have to worry about any discomfort when you use Invisalign. These aligners have easy-to-use features and are incredibly comfortable. In addition, the thermoplastic material of these aligners guards against cuts to our gums.

Clear aligner Require fewer clinic visits

With a clear aligner, your dentist will give you a new set of aligners after you’ve worn your current set for a predetermined amount of time. These things remove the necessity for routine clinic visits. Although it won’t happen as frequently as with traditional braces, your dentist may still urge you to come in to see how you’re progressing. 

They are Versatile

The alignment of your teeth may be the cause of various issues. Clear aligners help straighten teeth that are misaligned, too close together, or too far apart. Your teeth will experience mild pressure from these aligners while they straighten your gorgeous smile. Your teeth will noticeably shift throughout the therapy, even though this tiny force is hardly perceptible at first. 

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Clearing Up 7 Common Queries about Teeth Aligners

teeth aligner treatment in Gurgaon

The popularity of clear aligners is growing amongst people of all ages and for a good reason. The journey from only using metal braces for straightening teeth to now accepting clear aligners for the same reason may have been a long one, but it surely is worthwhile. They’ve now become a fast and convenient alternative to metal braces. However, anyone new to this concept of clear aligners will have a plethora of questions before they start with the treatment. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 7 questions that will answer most of the common queries. Read to know more!

What is the role of clear aligners?

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are built to straighten teeth over time. These teeth aligners put a constant force on the teeth, which need to be straightened, and slowly move them to the right positions. Each aligner tray is tailored according to the teeth and helps move specific teeth at their respective times. Gradually, the slight changes in the teeth’s shape will bring changes in smile and bite. 

What is the duration for which one has to wear aligners?

To see effective results, clear teeth aligners must be worn for at least twenty-two hours a day. As teeth require constant pressure or force to shift their positions, there are no exceptions to this rule. One is allowed to remove their clear aligners only for eating and brushing. Furthermore,  in most cases, each aligner set has to be replaced by a new set every week. 

What is the total duration of the clear aligner treatment?

The duration of this treatment depends on the complexity of the case. While a typical teeth aligner treatment in Gurgaon with small movements may take around four months, those with complex movements will take around 24 months. The average time for a clear aligner treatment usually ranges around 12-15 months. 

Who is the right candidate for clear aligners?

Even though clear aligners are a great solution for many individuals; not every person can be a good candidate. Clear teeth aligners work for issues such as gapped teeth, underbites, crowding, overbites, and crossbites. If someone has severe orthodontic issues, they will have to consult a dentist for these dental problems apart from clear aligners. 

Are in-person appointments necessary?

In-person appointments with an orthodontist are required for in-office clear teeth aligner treatment in Gurgaon to monitor the progress. Whereas at-home clear aligner treatment only provides virtual check-in where communication with the dentist can be done via calls or chat. These types of appointments are helpful for patients with busy schedules or for those who live at a great distance from the dental clinic. However, sharing the progress throughout the treatment is still essential to ensure that all things go as planned. 

How to clean the aligners?

One must have a clean mouth to keep their aligners clean. Brushing and flossing before wearing the aligners doesn’t allow the food to build upon them. Beverages like tea, coffee and soda can also lead to staining of the aligners, leading to a yellow smile. A cleaning solution is also provided to wash the aligners if they get dirty. 

What happens post the aligner treatment?

Once the clear aligner treatment is completed, patients are required to wear retainers to prevent their teeth from moving and reverting back to their original positions. Mostly, One has to continue wearing these clear retainers for 22 hours a day for six months and then wear them through nights for another six months.

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Dental Anxiety: Put Your Mind at Ease with These Easy Tips

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Anxiety related to dental care is more frequent than you might imagine. Did you know that 13% to 24% of people worldwide experience dental anxiety? These are common worries people of all age groups feel, whether we talk about an adult or a kid.

Dental anxiety and fear are brought on by the thought of experiencing pain or discomfort, bad experiences from the past, or the possibility of being unable to talk while the dentist is operating. And undoubtedly, this concern is general. However, it becomes crucial to discover different methods to overcome dental anxiety. So, to help you with this, we have outlined a few strategies about how you can help yourself to overcome your dental fear and keep your appointment on time. Read on to learn more.

Practice breathing exercise

You’ve probably heard that practising meditation can help you manage your anxiety. That’s all well and good, but the majority of people undoubtedly find it a little challenging to calm down while holding dental instruments in their mouths. One of the essential components of meditation that helps you create that calm, focused sensation is deep breathing, which you can certainly do while getting any dental procedure done. Just concentrate on inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply through your nose; do not use your mouth! You can try some meditation techniques to make yourself more at ease while you’re there.

Laughing Gas to Ease Patients

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” is an odourless gas that can significantly lessen anxiety, particularly in children or people who have had a negative dental experience. However, nitrous oxide does not put you to sleep, allowing you to hear and react to any queries or directions from the dentist. So, if you have dental anxiety, you’ll be relieved to learn that laughing gas can make you feel at ease and relaxed.

Choose the Best Dentist

It might make all the difference to start with the appropriate dentist. Whether you want to go for invisible braces in Gurgaon or want teeth whitening treatment, it will always be better if you go with a professional and knowledgeable dentist. The first benefit is that an experienced dentist has the right expertise and knows how to comfort their patients. Secondly, they are equipped with all the latest technologies and techniques to perform any procedure. So, when you choose one of the best dentists, ensure they are insured, have a comfortable waiting room, and have friendly staff.

Be on time, but avoid being too early.

You don’t want to have to wait a long time to see the dentist. This is because sitting in the waiting room can give you extra time to think more about your fear and get nervous. So, to avoid all these, reach the dental clinic on time. It is also advised to carry a magazine to spend time with.

Bring something to divert your attention.

Another useful strategy for reducing anxiety is to bring something that keeps you busy while waiting. You can take your earbuds with you to listen to your favourite music, an audiobook, or even a relaxation app. In particular, if they already know how you feel, the staff at the dental clinic won’t mind carrying any gadgets with you.

Talk about your issues

Communication is the key to overcoming any kind of dental fear and anxiety. When making an appointment, don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns you may have with a team. They’ll record it in your file to make the process easier for you. When you first arrive, you are welcome to let the dental team know that you are feeling apprehensive about any particular aspects of your appointment. We’re always ready to listen as a team. In order to provide solutions and reduce your anxiety, we need to know what worries you.

An Outlook

In the end, it is important to understand that one bad experience doesn’t determine the fate of upcoming ones. And it’s the right time to overcome your dental fear with the best dental clinic. Here at Alveo Dental Clinic, we aim to create a positive and safe environment for our patients. So, whether you’re looking for teeth aligner treatments in Gurgaon or invisible braces, we will give you the best dental care possible. Contact us to enquire about our other dental treatments.

Invisible Braces: Fun Facts You Need to Know Today!

Invisible Braces in Gurgaon

Your smile is a dealbreaker at times, isn’t it? After all, a beaming smile is sometimes your way out of complex situations. But this smile can get hampered due to missing or misaligned teeth, right? Dental issues such as crooked teeth, gummy smiles, or missing teeth can cause extreme self-doubt and low self-esteem. This is where you need an effective solution and what can be better than invisible aligners? If you are still unsure about invisible braces in Gurgaon, this blog is for you! Do you know how effective and efficient these invisible braces are? This blog is about invisible aligners, and along the blog, we will also uncover some of the coolest facts about invisible teeth aligners.

What exactly are Invisible Teeth Braces?

We have all witnessed traditional metal braces with a lot of elastics and pins. Just like conventional braces, invisible teeth braces are used to bring back the proper alignment of your teeth but in a non-excruciating way. However, these braces are considered better than conventional teeth braces, especially metal braces. Why, may you ask? Because these offer several benefits other dental braces do not provide. If you are willing to opt for a teeth aligner treatment in Gurgaon, read the following benefits to make an informed choice.

Let us explore some interesting facts about invisible braces:

Easily Removable

One great thing about invisible aligners is that, unlike conventional braces, there is no use of wires and brackets, which makes them super comfortable and removable. We have all seen how metal braces cause problems while eating, talking, and smiling. With invisible braces, all that awkwardness and discomfort is a thing of history.

Bid Adieu to Unwanted (bad) attention

We all know that conventional braces always make you a topic of discussion among friends or family. With clear alignment braces, you can be sure that there won’t be any unwanted attention towards you, and even if it is, it will be only about your beautiful smile.

A healthy, self-assured smile helps you make an appropriate impression, whether you are in the public eye or just connect with others on a more personal basis. With this, you can make the right impression even during treatment rather than after treatment, as seen in traditional braces.

Combat a Wide Range of Dental Issues

With the help of invisible braces, one can get the right treatment for a wide range of dental issues. You must have heard of crowded teeth, gaps, underbites, crossbites, buck teeth, and other dental problems. With the help of clear braces, you can easily eliminate all these problems without having to undergo several treatments at once.

Customized and Efficient

The technology used to customize these braces is extraordinary. As it works for both teens and adults, it has gained wide popularity in recent years. Once the treatment is planned, your personalized dental braces are customized, which are perfect for your condition.

So, are you ready to ditch your crooked or gummy smile and switch to the best teeth aligner treatment in Gurgaon? Alveo Dental is here to help you achieve the flawless smile that you deserve. Visit our website to book your appointment with us or call us on +91 962 535 1212