Everything You Should Know Before Getting Dentures

Tooth loss can occur for many reasons, including decay, injury, gum disease, or simply old age. Sometimes, you can even lose all the teeth of your lower or upper jaw or both. This can restrict your eating and speaking, hampering your regular life. In that situation, dentures can be a viable option. They help restore both function and aesthetics and bring back normalcy to your life. Dentures come in various types, such as complete dentures for those who have lost all their teeth and partial dentures for those who still own some natural teeth. This blog shall provide you with a complete guide related to wearing dentures.  

First, Let’s Understand What Dentures Are

Dentures are removable dental appliances designed to replace natural teeth and surrounding tissues. Made from acrylic resin, metal, and porcelain, they differ from implants as they are not permanently attached to natural teeth or jaw bones. They are typically used when several teeth need to be replaced simultaneously. 

When are Dentures the Best Option?

Extensive Tooth Loss

In case you have lost all or most of your teeth, dentures can replace your natural teeth or fill the gaps and help you lead a normal life. 

Severe Dental Issues

If you suffer from periodontal disease that leads to tooth loss, dentures are a necessity. Besides, severe decay that cannot be treated with fillings, crowns, or root canals may require tooth extraction and subsequent dentures.  

Cosmetic Reasons

If missing teeth and subsequent gaps are spoiling the appearance of your smile and taking away your confidence, you can resort to dentures. Your smile and confidence can be restored. 

Functional Needs

Missing teeth can make eating and speaking challenging. Dentures allow you to chew food properly and improve clarity and pronunciation.  

How Can Dentures Help Us?

Dentures are customised to fit your mouth and match the shape and colour of your natural teeth. An experienced dentist can make a mould of your mouth and gums and send it to a dental lab to take thorough and precise measurements and create dentures that can fit into your mouth perfectly. You can consult a renowned dental hospital in Gurgaon for well-fitting dentures that can last a long time. Well-made dentures stay in place due to their natural suction to your gums. They do not need any glue or adhesive. However, sometimes, your dentist may install an anchor for support. With that being said dentures can help you regain the ability to eat a variety of foods, ensuring proper nutrition and satisfying your taste buds. Besides, they also help to maintain the structure of your mouth and jaw and prevent sagging of facial muscles. With enhanced oral function and improved appearance, dentures significantly boost confidence and enhance your overall quality of life.   


Some Common FAQs

  1. Will eating with new dentures be difficult?

For the first few weeks, you may feel a little strange as you eat with your new dentures. But gradually, over time, you get used to them. However, it is advisable to avoid anything hard and small, such as nuts and seeds, and for the first few days, ensure everything you eat is tender and soft. 

  1. Will dentures change the way I speak?

On the first day, dentures can feel very odd, and you may have a slight lisp when you talk. But to get rid of it, the only thing you can do is talk as much as you can to get acclimatised to the dentures. Once you get comfortable, in a few days, you can chat, laugh, giggle, and shout as much as you want clearly and confidently. 

  1. Are dentures to be worn 24 hours a day?

In the beginning, as you learn to get used to dentures, you may be asked to wear them 24 hours a day, but after that, dentures need to be removed every night and soaked in the recommended cleaning solution. This way, you can disinfect them and also let your mouth rest. 

Alveo Dental For Long-Lasting Dentures That Feel As Good As Natural Teeth

Tooth loss can deeply impact the quality of your life. Dentures can be an investment in your overall health and happiness. Well-made, robust dentures that perfectly fit your mouth can make eating effortless and natural and help you smile and speak confidently and easily. Alveo Dental, a reputed dental hospital in Gurgaon, understands the impact of tooth loss and is dedicated to providing the best solutions to meet your needs. We offer high-quality, painless dentures at affordable costs. Please schedule a consultation with us today to explore your options and enjoy life as you should.