What You Need To Know About Dental Implants and Root Canal Treatment?

A dental problem is never convenient, is it? And it can be downright scary not knowing whether the tooth will need to be removed or if there’s still hope to save it. Taking a breath and considering all the angles is essential here. How’s the infection level? Is the tooth severely weakened or stable enough to rebuild? Is gum healthy? Each case is different. So, asking such questions can lead you to the right treatment option. Make sure to have an open chat regarding it with the dentist. In this blog, we have covered the two possible treatments – dental implants and root canals- and have explained them. So, you can give it a read to have the right plan in place to smile with confidence again.

What is a Root Canal?

Saving a natural tooth from infection’s clutches is no easy feat, but root canals aim to get it done. First, the dentist surgically removes the infected pulp and nerves. Then comes a deep clean to get any remaining bacteria out of hiding. Once sterilised inside, a filling or crown seals it as well as new. The root canal treatment cost can vary in different clinics. This is because the price is highly dependent on the facilities available in the clinic. The expense can be high if the latest medical devices are being used.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a solution for tooth extraction, providing a replacement that helps you chew and maintain the alignment of your other teeth. The process involves removing the infected tooth, inserting a titanium implant into the jawbone, and eventually placing a crown on the implant. Though the procedure is surgical and more complex than a root canal, implants are known for their durability and permanence. If you are wondering about the dental implant cost, it can also be expensive in some clinics. This is because of the same reason as the fee for root canal treatment.

Root Canal vs. Dental Implants

Success Rate: When it comes to reliability, both treatments have you covered with high success rates. Dental implant procedures, if done well, really stand the test of time. Root canals are also highly successful but sometimes need to be redone within 5-10 years.

Level of Invasiveness: Root canals are less invasive, preserving your natural tooth. In contrast, dental implants require removing the tooth and placing an anchor in the jawbone. If keeping your natural tooth is important to you, a root canal might be the preferred choice.

Cost and Time: The root canal treatment cost is typically less than how much you need to pay for the dental implant. But you should discuss it with your dentist to confirm. Also, it requires fewer follow-up visits. The process can often be completed in a single appointment. Dental implants, however, involve multiple steps and visits, from extraction to implant placement and, finally, crown installation.

Make the Right Choice with Alveo Dental

It’s not always clear-cut whether a tooth is better off with root canal treatment or dental implants. There are many individual factors that need to be considered. Consulting with an endodontist or a dental implant specialist will help you weigh down your options in the most objective light, tailored just for your grin. If you are looking for a reliable and premier dental clinic, Alveo Dental is here! With the latest medical devices and experienced staff, we ensure you get nothing less than the best when you visit us. To know more about the dental implant cost or any other treatment, connect with us now!